Earle Sebastian

Earle Sebastian’s creative direction has been perfectly on time for decades: the right look and the right details that define the moment, but in a classic way. At the same time his work brings something bigger: a global multicultural perspective that has authentic substance as well as contemporary style.

In the last couple of years Earle has employed his genius working with Alicia Keys. Work that has been the result of this collaboration include Earle’s creative direction of the Black Ball (a charity concert to help support sub-Saharan and Indian families living with HIV/AIDS), his involvement in Alicia’s style update, which accompanied her most recent album “Here,” and the kickstarting of the No Make Up Movement, which has been celebrated across the globe as a brave expression of female empowerment.

Earle designed Alicia’s performance and the surrounding design for a mammoth performance and concert in the middle of Times Square, utilizing the screens in Times Square, and presenting Alicia as the ultimate New Yorker to launch “HERE”. The concert featured Jay-Z, Nas, and John Mayer as well.

In 2016 Earle designed the Pepsi UEFA Champions League opening ceremony in Milan, Italy for Alicia’s performance which set a new path for the event. He returned in 2018 as Pepsi’s Creative Director, to oversee all creative elements of Dua Lipa’s opening ceremony performance.

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